After working out with Calista, I was able to see firsthand what an amazing trainer she is with extensive knowledge and expertise in fitness and health! Each session, she creates new and customized workouts - giving positive feedback and encouragement while still challenging you both physically and mentally. Not only does she care about achievable goal setting, but she educates on proper technique and form to ensure you’re maximizing each workout while getting your sweat on! She is truly devoted to her clients and makes you want to push harder each time so you leave knowing that this experience isn’t just a workout - it's an investment in a healthier & happier way of life!

- Amanda M.

"Calista has a true passion for helping her clients reach their fitness goals. Her high energy approach combined with her expansive knowledge make her second to none in the fitness industry. She formatted a program for me that was perfectly tailored to my wants and needs. Our sessions together were always upbeat, fun, and challenging. I would highly recommend Calista to anyone looking to take their health and fitness to the next level!"

- Andrew S.

Calista is a personable, caring and knowledgeble Fitness Professional. Her attention to form and technique are excellent and she will inspire you to reach your goals!

- Kristi M.

Client Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of being personally motivated by Calista. She is extremely thorough in her coaching style and goes the extra mile for her clients. She inspires everyone around her and I was able to reach my fitness goals and stay focused with her support. She is innovative with her work outs and healthy lifestyle including delicious and simple meal options. If you are looking for an instructor that is knowledgeble and dedicated you have met your match.

Nicole R. - June 2, 2015

Calista made me very comfortable! She took the time to explain each move and even correct me during the workout. That is so helpful. She was motivating but never pushy. And man, what a workout! My legs felt like jello 10 minutes in!

Melissa M. - February 2, 2016

Calista guided us through a super fun workout and its evident she knows her trade. She walked us through all the exercises and was super encouraging but also took time to make sure we were doing things correctly. It was a fun class and I got a great workout.

Jenny A. - February 2, 2016

Anonymous Kind Words

- Calista is the kind of person who always gives 110% in everything she does. She has a confidence that makes her classes challenging and you know you’re in good hands.  She’s a great role model. 

- Calista is the kind of person who truly cares about her clients.  She wants to see them succeed which comes across in her attentiveness to each individual. While her joy in what she does radiates from her as she sings and dances her way through the studio!

- Calista makes me feel like she has serious expectations of my workout, she creates an environment where you know your going to work hard and can pull out that little extra you maybe didn't even know you had in you. 

- One thing I appreciate about Calista is her ability to encourage and push you to a level you didn’t even know you had! So many times I think I’m doing  my best and then she says one of her many power boosting phrases and... boom! I’m doing something I didn’t think I could do! One level higher, one more rep, one more step further, one, one, one... every class is one more step in the right direction! A MILLion times thank you Calista! 

- Calista is a powerhouse of spunky energy and authenticity! I am inspired by her journey to become a wellness coach. She was born to be a fitness coach, and uplift others. Her motivational spirit, combined with tenaciously encouraging support has helped me become a stronger version of me, and power through any struggles. I adore her

- When I think of Calista I think FUN, STRONG, CONFIDENT and BEAUTIFUL inside and out!!!

- When I think of Calista I think , what a women of great integrity, strength and confidence.

Personal Trainer & Coach